My client has a compelling book finished and ready to go to the publisher. It’s been in this state, aside from some small tweaks, for about 4 years. When she thinks about it, she gets that sick feeling in her stomach, and the last thing she wants to do is move forward with it.

“I’m just wondering WHY I feel this way?”

Being growth-minded (using everything that shows up in your life for your own learning & enrichment) is a wonderful thing, but there is a pitfall: Paralysis.

Clearly she’s waiting for the answer before proceeding. She is paralyzed by the need to know WHY.

It’s true: Valuable information can be acquired through finding the answer(s).

It’s also true that we don’t have to find the answer before we take action. We can feel like vomiting and still move forward. We can feel resistance and still take that next step. We can be kicking and screaming inside and still make progress outside.

I’ve been told to use that sick feeling as a guidepost…a signal flashing “Go there, go there.” The sicker the better.

The sick feeling is simply an indicator that we’re about to leave our comfort zone. No growth happens inside our comfort zone. In order to grow, we must be uncomfortable.

Ew, I know.

In order to grow, we must walk forward even if we don’t know the WHY.

Every time I have walked through the ick, I have felt a mix of elation, pride and relief on the other side. And I mean EVERY time.

It almost doesn’t matter what happens after the action…it’s more about the action itself. Breaking through the invisible veil of limitation into a whole new world of possibility.

Are there any areas of your life or business where you are paralyzed by WHY?

You have the power to set yourself free…