Not all that long ago I wrote about how uncomfortable I was “mingling.” Every bit of that article was true…in February. I’ve always said I’d be happier as a potted plant in the corner as opposed to circulating “out there” with the people...

In the 90-ish days that have followed, something crazy has happened. I’ve become a social butterfly. I actually look forward to being in situations where I’m likely to meet new people.

This is a sea change for me.

My WHOLE life, I’ve seen myself a certain way and experienced strangers in a certain way. Truth be told, it was less about the strangers and more about my experience of ME with unfamiliar people. I've always felt like I was socially awkward, didn’t belong, and had nothing to say.

If this came up in conversation with people that knew me, I would hear things like:

  • “You, an introvert?”
  • “That’s not my experience of you”
  • “You’re crazy, you seem totally comfortable.”

I attribute this massive shift to a few things:

  • I decided to listen to and consider feedback to the contrary (like listed above)
  • I said yes to more social situations where I was likely to encounter new people
  • Before these events, I set the intentions to be myself and to connect with people, one person at a time
  • I became willing to see the evidence that indeed, I was not socially awkward and was perfectly capable of connecting  

Since there was new evidence, my old story got busted. It was simply no longer true (if it was ever true at all).

We humans do this…we believe stories about ourselves that aren’t true; were never true. But we picked them up along the way, usually when we were kids (and back then it made sense in our little-kid-mind). We just forgot to put them down.

What story about YOU are you willing to take a look at?

Who would you be without that story?

Who might you be already (you just don’t know it yet)?