Who is the most difficult person in your life? Is it your teenager…your spouse…your co-worker…boss…someone else?

How do you feel when you’re around them? Frustrated? Angry? Resentful? Hopeless?

How much time do you spend stressed out, wishing they would change and conform to how you want them to be?

How much time do you spend nagging, either aloud or in your own head?

How is that working?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is, “Not very well.”

Whether we like it or not, there are a few hard truths:

  • No matter how hard we wish, hope and nag, we cannot change another person.
  • Every time we wish a person, place or circumstance is different than it actually is, we create suffering for ourselves.

Yes, it’s true…suffering is optional. We create it inside of ourselves.

What’s the alternative?

Ac…cough…Acce…gulp…Acceptance. Phew, I got it out.

“Eeeeeewwww! How can I possible accept…THAT?”

Well, you have a choice: You can accept it (because like it or not, it IS what it is) or you can make yourself stressed out & sick wishing he/she/it was another way.

Instead of seeing them through eyes of judgment and disapproval, I encourage you to experiment with see them through eyes of curiosity & loving compassion.

In your mind, it would sound something like this: “What must they be going through to be acting like this? What must they have in their past to create this behavior?”

It’s a whole different energy. Instead of an inner reaction of quasi-violent offense, it’s a gentle energy of expansion.

As you experiment with this, you may find that the energy you emanate from this new state creates a whole new space where miracles just might occur.

Who or what can you experiment with accepting today?