It comes up at least once per month in my coaching practice: “How can I get more done?”

This request can be about overcoming procrastination, strategies to limit distraction, regaining personal integrity or simply a matter of personal organization.

Today’s tip addresses the later. Basically, “How can I best organize myself to stay focused, get things done and not drop balls?”

I’m a big fan of using a to-do list. There are a few things I love about them:

  • I can get what I need to do out of the insanity of my head and onto paper
  • Once it’s on paper, I no longer have to remember it!
  • I LOVE the power and accomplishment I feel when I cross something off

The only problem? How do I differentiate between what I need to do today and what I need to do sometime?

This question caused me to come up with a creative solution that I, and many of my clients, have found super helpful.

How it works:

  • Take a pad of your choosing (large or small) and make a vertical cut to divide the top page about two thirds, one third (the vertical red line shows the cut)
  • Put today’s to-dos on the left
  • Put things you need to do sometime, not necessarily today, on the right
  • As you complete your to-dos, cross them off
  • At the end of the day, tear off the left part of the sheet. The clean sheet below will be for tomorrow
  • Add anything you did not do today to tomorrow’s list
  • The someday to-dos on the right will still be there since they are on a flap (no more forgetting!)
  • Each day look at the right flap to see if today’s the day to move something over to your daily list
  • At the end of each day, tear off your daily sheet, leaving the flap in place
  • When your right flap gets too full or too crossed out, transfer to a clean sheet and begin again!

See the photo below...You're welcome :-)