“So, how do you feel at this point in our conversation?” I asked.


I love being surprised by my clients*. I wasn’t sure what I expected him to say, but “awake” wasn’t it.

This is a client who desperately wants to escape the industry he’s in and who's been struggling to find time to put toward finding a new career.

Instead, he’s been having a self-described pity party. Feeling put upon and victimized by his situation. “I’m working so hard at my current job, I don’t have any time to look. It’s not fair.”

I learned that he likes to get up at 6 am every day and usually doesn’t have to be at work until 10 am or 11 am.

At that point he was so busted…because guess what? We found TIME.

Hours of time.

Hours of time he was choosing not to use for his benefit. And make no mistake; it was a choice.

Choosing to be a victim of circumstances can be an attractive road, because then your situation is out of your hands. Not your responsibility. Nothing to do but feel bad.

Taking responsibility and taking action toward your desired aim seems daunting, yet when he and I started doing just that, my client reported feeling “awake.

We’d just been talking about devising a morning practice that would allow him to both fill his Soul and work toward finding more meaningful work.

Suddenly he felt empowered. He replaced victimhood with ownership. Because of that simple choice, he now had full dominion over his life, his time and his future.

Victimhood seems like the better road but it’s not. It results in feelings of helplessness, low energy and a desire to hide.

Taking personal responsibility for your life results in just the opposite: feelings of empowerment, high energy and a desire to connect.

It’s a choice. It was a choice for my client, It's a choice for each one of us.

Which choice will you make today?


Teaching others to exercise choice is part of my specialty, Emotional Intelligence. I’m now teaching Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace as well. Click HERE for details.

*The story above is shared with my client's permission.