I used to think that most people, including me, got stuck while trying to accomplish goals or pursue their hearts’ desire because of a fear of failure. I was wrong.
Through my work, I’ve discovered it’s just the opposite: Fear of success.
Sure fear of failure can play a role, but I find the fear of success is usually the more powerful block.
To see if this might be true for you, finish the following sentence as many times as you can. Write your answers down and try not to think too hard…just say the stem sentence over and over, and each time spit out whatever comes to mind…
If I’m wildly successful, then…
When you run out of answers, change the sentence to: If I’m wildly successful, then I'll… (see if you get any additional goodies)
When you run out of answers with that one, change it to: If I’m wildly successful, then people will…
And lastly: If I’m wildly successful, then the world will…
Often what we find on the other side involves fear of being exposed in some way that feels unsafe. Being vulnerable in a bad way; in a way that feels dangerous.
OR if you fear being found out as a fraud, you’re not alone. You’d be shocked to know how many people feel exactly the same way.
So what to do about this?
Go through your list of answers and ask yourself:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it always true?
  • Does it have to be true?
  • If it’s not true, what could it be instead?

When you do this, you’ll likely uncover fears that are not rational, that are blown out of proportion, or simply myths. If you uncover any beliefs that really seem true, ask yourself: Can I live with it?
This stem sentence exercise is super powerful and can be done to uncover hidden blocks to anything you feel stuck on.
Now, on to success!