I’m listening to Elon Musk’s* biography and it’s astounding. He doesn’t see barriers…EVER. As a result, he and his companies are routinely doing things that the world used to think were impossible.

In fact, if you are an employee and you tell him something is impossible, chances are excellent you’ll be fired. He will inform you that you are no longer needed and that he will take over your project in your absence (on top of all of his other roles). The book’s author says that each and every time he has done this, he has seen the “impossible” through to completion.

This book is getting under my skin. I’m hearing about crazy circumstances he’s persevered through, knowing that they would have caused me to quit 1,000 times over. He doesn’t see barriers…I do. This darned book is amplifying that inconvenient truth about me, to me, on a daily basis.

I don’t see barriers in my clients, but I do see and accept them in myself. Not easy to admit for a coach.

This has gotten so far under my skin that I’ve taken the step of hiring a coach for the first time in a while. I know my perceived barriers are BS, yet I’ve been unable or unwilling to bust through them to get where I want to go. I realize I need support and that extra layer of accountability outside of myself that an expert provides. I’m going in both kicking and screaming and skipping through the meadow with joy. I know pushing myself in this way will be uncomfortable and that’s exactly what I’m signing up for. Ugh.

Enough about me.

I have a simple question for you:

What would your life be like if you, like Elon, did not see barriers, ever?

I encourage you to sit quietly and imagine that you have super powers and can do anything you want. Anything.

Our minds can’t tell the difference between reality and a well imagined fantasy. After this exercise, part of you will believe that it has actually happened. Even if you never take action, your perspective of what’s possible will forever be stretched…like a balloon you’ve blown up, then let the air out of.