To say I grew up emotionally confused would be an understatement.

My mother was wildly emotional and my father was the polar opposite. Since I deemed my dad to be the hard working provider and my mom to be the unstable hoarder, my young mind decided that emotions = bad.

Feelings and emotions suffered guilt by association.

I decided early on I wanted nothing to do with the so called “bad” emotions like anger and resentment…I would live my life above my subjective line and only experience so called “good” emotions like happiness, joy, creativity, etc.

It seemed like a fine idea, except it didn’t end up working that way. Those “negative” emotions came anyway. I had no idea what to do with them so I moved on to my next great idea: I stuffed them and I drank.

I drank for a lot of years, many of them problematically (thankfully I’ve been sober over 12 years now). The desire to escape unpleasant emotions is a very common root cause of addiction and I was no exception.

The process of recovery began my journey to learning and embracing the skills of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and my Masters in Spiritual Psychology became the icing on the cake (it may as well be called a masters in EQ).

I learned that:

  • Emotions are thoughts felt physiologically
  • Emotions are nothing to fear
  • There are no “good” and “bad” emotions
  • Emotions are here to teach me valuable things about myself
  • There are healthy ways to process emotions
  • I can take dominion over my emotions  and not let them rule me

And using he skills of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Dramatically reduce my stress level (I used to be a bona fide stress monster)
  • Allow me to see things more clearly
  • Equip me to deal with whatever comes my way
  • Makes me feel lighter and boosts my energy

This shift was so profound, I now devote my life’s work to sharing these life-changing skills through my coaching and training.

If you’re seeking a shift in your life and want help to do so, contact me. The cool thing about coaching is that it can be done by phone, so geography is never a barrier.

If you’re in Southern California, I’m hosting an awesome training in Irvine the evening of Thursday, July 28th. Click HERE to learn more/register.