“Fear is frozen fun.” -Drs Gay & Kathleen Hendricks

This quote is from the powerful book, “Conscious Loving.” It goes on to say, “People often get the most afraid just before they are about to step out into the creative unknown, into a new possibility. Fear mobilizes your body for action, but if you do not take action, the energy curdles in your body.”

What an image that is, energy curdling in your body.

“Anxiety is excitement without the breath.”  - Fritz Perls MD

From the Hendricks’: “When people remember to breathe into their fear, their anxiety often turns into excitement.”

What wonderful ways to look at emotions we tend to shun. It seems there is a thin veil between fear and fun, anxiety and excitement.

In my work, I often ask my clients to give their feelings a voice. To actually let the fear (insecurity, anger, resentment, etc) speak in the first person. Inevitably (actually always), and much to my client’s surprise, we find the speaking aspect working to protect, not to destroy.

Ex: “I’m afraid because I don’t want you to put yourself out there, then be criticized. I keep you safe by keeping you out of the arena. It’s not safe for you out there.”

So often we want to dismiss our feelings. Or bury then. Or deny them. Or drink/drug/eat them away…

All they really want is to be heard, loved and accepted.

A funny thing happens when we do that…they pass through us. Through and out rather than down and in.

Through and out creates lightness and freedom. Down and in creates heaviness, contraction and a bit of a prison (I know this because I was an expert feeling-stuffer for most of my life).

I encourage you to experiment with letting a feeling speak. You may feel a little crazy doing it, but I can almost guarantee it will be informative and enlightening.