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I’m listening to Elon Musk’s* biography and it’s astounding. He doesn’t see barriers…EVER. As a result, he and his companies are routinely doing things that the world used to think were impossible.

In fact, if you are an employee and you tell him something is impossible, chances are excellent you’ll be fired. He will inform you that you are no longer needed and that he will take over your project in your absence (on top of all of his other roles). The book’s author says that each and every time he has done this, he has seen the “impossible” through to completion.

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Yesterday, for the sixth year in a row, I did it. I took the Jeopardy Online Test. This is an annual event used to harvest candidates to be on the show.

My husband and I love Jeopardy. We DVR it, watch it religiously and treat it like a spectator sport -- yelling at the TV and all. Together we're a full brain; too bad they don't take couples.

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Though relieved, I was unable to fully celebrate finally making it down to the river because I knew we had to climb back up the mountain the same way we’d just come down. The whole reason we were there was to share a permanent clean water solution with the Cañari people of the Ecuadorian Andes and I was totally preoccupied. I just couldn’t get the vision of being stranded in the dark, mid-climb, out of my mind.

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